• Target by Installed Technology

    to increase sales productivity with more successful first calls, higher competitive win rates and shorter sales cycles

  • Target by Installed Technology

    to increase demand generation response rates by up to 4x for email marketing, telemarketing and direct mail

  • Target Your Competition

    by knowing which b2b prospects are using your
    competitors’ technology products where

  • Target Green Field Accounts

    by knowing which b2b prospects are - and are not - using what technology products where

  • Target Complementary Sales

    by knowing which b2b prospects are using your partners’ technology products where

What HG Data Does:

Every day, we index more than 1.2 billion unstructured data objects across the open Internet - including items like b2b social media, case studies, press releases, job postings and much more - to produce a detailed, accurate and usable census of who is using what b2b technology products at which companies.

How HG Data Helps You:

By knowing what b2b technology products are being used where, customers like you are able to better tailor your sales pitch and marketing message to customers’ needs, improve demand generation response rates, have more successful first sales calls, increase competitive win rates and shorten sales cycles.

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For Sales

Enable up to 10x more successful first sales calls with higher competitive win rates, up to 50% shorter sales cycles and larger average deal sizes.

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For Marketing

Improve demand generation response rates while lowering your marketing costs and significantly increasing sales lead-handling capacity.

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For Partners

With targeting by installed technology, your customers will drive more revenue and put you on the path to become their vendor of choice.

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  • 1,200,000,000+ data objects indexed daily
  • 7,000,000+ contacts
  • 1,000,000+ locations
  • 600,000+ companies
  • 3,800+ technology products
  • 1,900+ technology vendors

And more than 100% annual data growth ...

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Target Your

Competitive displacement campaigns are critical. But how do you reach the ideal prospects you want to target who will be most likely to respond to your campaign or take your call?

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Target Green
Field Accounts

Customers have challenges you can solve. But how do you know which customers don’t already have a solution so you can beat your competition to those green field accounts?

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Target Complementary

If the customer is using product "x" then they buy your product "y". But how to know which customers are using product "x", so you can have up to a 10x more successful first sales call?

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