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HG Data provided us with the most comprehensive and granular set of technology installation data we could find. HG Data allowed us to target new companies by single or multiple technologies. They also surpassed our expectations by consistently delivering datasets that were three or more times larger than competitors for a given product or group of product

Brent Spencer
Global Director of Marketing, Kimble

HG Data’s massive tech install dataset will allow us to extend our lookalike matching and targeting capabilities with technology data. HG Data’s tech install dataset will be an invaluable addition for enhancing our relevance profiles to further boost conversion rates.

Gil Allouche
CEO, Metadata

Our prospecting has increased 3x since implementing HG Focus because of the visibility into the accounts and knowing that the accounts we are going after fit our ICP.

Morgan Ingram
Sales Development Manager, Terminus

With the addition of HG Data’s unique dataset of installed technologies, EverString is adding the deepest and broadest set of installed technologies data to our algorithms, which further enhances our ability to prioritize existing sales leads and identify completely new high-potential prospects

Vincent Yang
CEO, EverString

We struggled for years to find high-quality data for installed technologies within our prospect base. HG Data not only provides us with great data, but they make it easy for our sellers to consume within It’s the most popular data initiative we’ve launched ever!

Brian Vass
VP of Sales and Marketing Technology, Paycor

Creating a comprehensive data platform is a critical step in ensuring that our predictive applications are providing actionable insights for our customers’ sales and marketing efforts. HG Data has built an extensive and extremely accurate collection of software and hardware including behind the firewall technology products, and we’re thrilled to incorporate their data into our solution

Steve Connolly
Senior Product Manager, Lattice Engines

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Work with us, and you’ll learn the hardware, software, and services used by companies across the globe. You’ll learn when and where installs happened. Our enterprise and OEM partners use that intelligence to out market, out sell, and out grow the competition, because they know what their competitors don’t.

We’re turning billions of unique, unstructured source files into answers to our clients’ biggest questions. We’ve built the world’s largest, most granular collection of tech install intelligence. And we’re just getting started.

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