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Once we saw the depth, detail and breadth of what HG Data could offer, we tossed 3-years worth of models…and will buy every data set they build.

Head of Competitive Intelligence, Publically Traded, Multi-National Tech Company

Predictive marketing without data is like a Ferrari without fuel….Marketing software is becoming increasingly intelligent, with vendors building predictive algorithms to improve every aspect of demand generation and sales. But it’s only as good as the data fueling those algorithms. HG Data collects information about software products used by companies and provides competitive intelligence data for the technology industry.

Marina Grivena
Co-Founder, Orb Intelligence

When the biggest players in your market begin aggressively courting you as a potential partner, you know you have arrived.

John Greathouse
Partner, Rincon Venture Partners

Gartner, Inc. awarded HG Data 'Cool Vendor in Information Innovation' in 2014.

Doug Laney
Analyst, Gartner

We are all genuinely excited by HG’s capabilities, along with its initial focus on an opportunity area that seems both fundamental yet undiscovered.

Russell Perkins
Founder & CEO, InfoCommerce

To the best of my knowledge, the HG Data model is unique in the space.

Chuck Richard
VP & Lead Analyst, Outsell

[The team behind HG] has figured this stuff out. There is a lot of IT baked into their process after running through thousands of web pages to interpret and understand what to look for and what nuances and what details there are.


By adding company targets derived from HG Data, our clients have been able to increase their scoring results by over 300%. Going beyond information found via the active web and APIs, as HG Data has allowed us to do, has been a huge improvement to the value of our platform.

Founder & CEO, Predictive Analytics Platform

It was scary impressive what HG Data knew about our clients given no trace of our install base on the Internet.

SVP Marketing Operations $1 Billion + Tech Company

Your Ridiculously Unfair Advantage

Work with us, and you’ll learn the hardware, software, and services used by companies across the globe. You’ll learn when and where installs happened. Our enterprise and OEM partners use that intelligence to out market, out sell, and out grow the competition, because they know what their competitors don’t.

We’re turning billions of unique, unstructured source files into answers to our clients’ biggest questions. We’ve built the world’s largest, most granular collection of tech install intelligence. And we’re just getting started.

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