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HG Data Company FAQs

1. What does HG Data do?   HG Data delivers best in class technographics, giving B2B marketers better insights to analyze markets and deliver precision marketing and sales programs at scale.

2. What are Technographics?  Technographics are the core technologies companies use to run their business. This is powerful intelligence you can use to uncover the companies in the market that use hardware or software products that complement or compete with your solutions. Knowing this information allows you to:

  • Target with precision at scale (marketing)
  • Have more informed and relevant conversations (sales)
  • Develop better sales models and forecasts (business intelligence)

3. Where does HG Data get its data?  Every day, HG Data indexes more than two billion unstructured documents from offline and online resources. We go well beyond the digital signature information commonly found on public websites, processing content such as social media posts, case studies, press releases, blog articles, government filings, job listings and more, to give you the accurate, reliable B2B intelligence you need to achieve extraordinary results in your sales and marketing campaigns.

4. Does HG Data offer a free trial?  You can install our HG Focus Chrome extension for free to get a sense for what type of data we provide. This doesn’t give you access to all our solutions, but it will give you a nice idea of what technographics can do for you. 

5. Can I download a sample of the data?  Yes.  Simply type a technology you’re interested in tracking into our search bar and we will instantly give you a list of companies that use the technology. You can download up to 25 sample companies for free of charge by creating a profile on our site.  

6. Does HG Data provide contact information?  No. HG Data analyzes company information and provides the best global data available on what technologies a company is using to run its business. This focus allows us to provide a highly accurate dataset and continue exploring new verticals and use cases for enhanced company intelligence. Most of our customers have established relationships with contact providers that are specialized for their markets for that they can match to the accounts they choose to focus on.

HG Focus FAQs

1.  What is HG Focus? HG Focus Chrome extension gives sales and demand generation teams a glimpse into what technologies a company has installed and how recently HG Data has verified their use. This invaluable piece of information can be used to qualify leads, create precise and meaningful messaging, tailor conversations to fit both the needs of you and the prospect, shorten the sales cycle and increase ROI.

2.  How do I use HG Focus?  After registering, choose the three vendors you are most interested in tracking and browse the web as normal. When visiting a company’s website, click the HG Focus extension icon to see if any of the vendors you chose are currently installed. HG Focus can also be used to look up any company on the fly. If HG Data tracks the company, all of the technology installs will be displayed for the vendors you have chosen.  Additionally, notifications will automatically appear whenever products of your chosen vendors are installed at a company’s website you’re visiting.

3.  Is HG Focus a free trial?  Yes, with HG Focus you get to choose access to three vendors you are most interested. If you would like to access additional visibility to vendors, please contact us at

4.  Why can I only choose three vendors and how can I change it or get access to more vendors?  Yes, with HG Focus you get free access to three vendors you or someone at your company previously chose.  If you would like to access additional vendors, please contact us at

5.  Someone from my company is already using HG Focus and choose three vendors they were most interested.  Why can’t I choose a different ones?  HG Focus is designed primarily for individuals & small teams. In order to keep HG Focus free, we require all users from the same organization access the same vendors. If you or your team would like to access additional vendors, please contact us at

6.  How do “Favorites” work?  Clicking on the heart icon makes it a “Favorite”.  Favorite products show at the top of the results so they are easier to find.  Additionally, when you choose your favorite products, notifications will automatically appear whenever these products are installed at a company’s website you’re visiting.

7.  Why are there no products showing up on some websites?  There are a two possible reasons:  1.) We are not currently tracking any products for the company, or 2.) We are tracking products, but they are different than the products you or your company have chosen to track at the time of registration. If you or your team would like to access different or additional products, please contact us at

8.  If HG Focus is a free trial for three technologies, why is there a usage restriction on the number of lookups per day/team and can I increase my daily lookups?  In order to keep HG Focus a free trial, we limit the number of URL lookups you and your team can perform per day.  Limits are applied to the company as a whole. If there are multiple HG Focus users at your company, this limit is split across all users.  If your daily limit is reached, your account will reset in 24 hours. A lookup only counts when products are displayed; unsuccessful lookups do not count against your limit.  To increase your limit, please contact us at

9.  I do not see a product I’m looking to track, why is that?  HG Data collects data and decides which products to track according to the signals in the marketplace, therefore we might not have come across the product in our data thus far. We are adding products all the time and if you have a product you would like HG Data to track email us and we’ll add it to our product list

10.  Can I download your data through HG Focus?  HG Focus provides read-only access. If you would like to purchase and download data from HG Data, please contact us at