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HG Campaigns


Your Best Results Begin with Better Data

Create highly-targeted sales and marketing campaigns with technographic-led
company insights,
pushed directly into your CRM and marketing automation tools. 

Select, Target and Prioritize the Right Accounts 

Surface new insights about your prospects, score and rank your accounts based on Signal Score, uncover net new accounts in your system and accelerate the sales cycle to close more business.

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Example Use Cases

Demand Generation

  • Competitive displacement
  • Up-sell and cross-sell offers
  • Persona development and message creation

Campaign Management 

  • ABM audience targeting
  • Execute campaigns based on technographics directly in Salesforce and Marketo

Pair with HG Audience for Digital Display Marketing

  • Target by technology
  • Serve ads on the sites your prospects visit

Business Intelligence 

  • Use signal score to span current to historical usage
  • Identify purchasing trends and create better forecasts
  • Fuel your predictive models

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