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Better Data Fuels Better Outcomes

Having the right data plays a critical role in the success of your company.

Why Having the Right Data Matters

Having the right data plays a critical role in the success of your company. It makes your models, forecasts, and trend reports more accurate, delivering results and instilling trust in the stakeholders who use them. It can also help you put the right strategies in place for targeting the right accounts, scoring leads, and nurturing your existing customers, all of which contribute to the bottom line.

If your company offers a B2B technology product or service, one of the most valuable pieces of information you can know about your account is if they are using a technology product that competes with or complements your own offering – we call this technographics.

Technographics Fuel Your Business

Get Invaluable Insights on Key Accounts/Prospects

Technographics provide you with key information on the technology products your accounts and prospects use to run their business, including:

  • An organization’s core hardware and software stack
  • The location where the technology is installed
  • How recently a particular technology was installed
  • WHO


  • WHAT




  • WHEN


Make Your Sales & Marketing Teams More Effective

Technographics help your sales and marketing teams focus on the right accounts. For example:


Sales teams use technographics to quickly identify and pursue the
accounts most interested in their offers, leading to better, more relevant
conversations with prospects, and ultimately, a much higher percentage
of deals closed.


Marketing teams use technographics to target their offerings with
precision at scale, leading to much better customer engagement, and
higher ROI across all their outreach, including ABM, competitive
take-away and up-sell/cross-sell campaigns, white spacing, and digital

Drive Better Strategy Through Analytics

Business Intelligence teams use technographics to enable a wide range of analytics that help sales and marketing teams be more strategic. This includes:

Our tech install information can be used to develop more accurate share of wallet, look-alike, and predictive buying models that help sales and marketing teams score leads, target the right accounts and prospects, and develop strategies to drive more revenue from existing customers.

Why Choose HG Data Technographics

Our HG Data for Salesforce app embeds technographics directly into Salesforce so that sales and marketing teams can easily sort, filter and use the data to create campaign segments, score and rank accounts, generate reports, and implement workflows and triggers to build more intelligent business processes.

Get the Scale & Accuracy You Need to Achieve Results

Traditional Data Collection Approaches

Traditional sales and market intelligence providers use different methods for collecting their information, including phone surveys, digital scraping, and data modeling, each with its own limitations. Phone surveys are time-consuming and don’t scale well. Scraping code off a website is easy, but only offers insights into the technologies used to support a website. Modeling is fast, but because it doesn’t use complete data sets, it tends to produce inconsistent results.

HG User Advanced Data Science

At HG Data, we take a different approach to gathering, processing, and curating business intelligence. We use advanced data science and our own proprietary IP to process billions of structured and unstructured documents at scale. We then use automated and human validation to constantly refine and ensure the accuracy of our data sets. Sales and marketing teams use this information to out-market, out-sell, and outgrow their competition.


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Start Achieving the Right Outcomes with
HG Data Technographics

You can also use our HG Data Platform to explore our complete data set.