Our Partner API gives you access to the most comprehensive installed technologies database.

Use it to give your products and services a new, actionable level of intelligence, or to deliver data files.

A Win-Win Partnership

Competitive intelligence. Predictive marketing. Market segmentation. Account planning. Account playbooks. And more.

Let’s partner up. Every application of our data is unique—that’s why we work side-by-side with you to monetize our technology insights in novel ways. We have one goal: to add significant value for you and your customers.



Technologies Categorized


Verified Installations
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Locations Globally

Predictive Marketing And Lead Scoring Platforms

Inform lead scoring algorithms. Identify companies that share technology characteristics with a client’s existing customers.

Demand Generation And Pay Per Lead Offerings

Segment customer's outbound marketing initiatives by installed technologies. Produce enhanced campaign performance and opt in for PPL.

Sales Productivity Products

A wide array of applications, including an automated phone dialer, outbound call campaigns, and technology leader contact profiles—all driven by tech install data.

Retargeting Solutions

Competitive intelligence, predictive marketing, market segmentation, account planning, account playbooks, and more.

Content Personalization Platforms

Serve custom content to website traffic based on the technologies being run at the visitor's company.

Technology Assesment And Risk Management

Corporate development and risk management functions power platforms identifying the sophistication of a company's technical infrastructure.

Get access to the most comprehensive installed technologies database.