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The right technographic data transforms business

Having the right data plays a critical role in the success of your company. It makes your models, forecasts, and trend reports more accurate, delivering results and instilling trust in the stakeholders who use them. It also allows you to identify and target the accounts that are most likely to turn into customers, so you can close on opportunities faster.


Company locations


10,000+ Products from 4,500+ Vendors


20,000,000+ Installations across 192 Countries


Verified by 369,000,000
Distinct Date Stamps

How Much

2,000,000+ Spending Models


With Whom

40,000+ Service line contracts

How we add insights to our build process

Our unique data science driven approach is what allows HG Insights to have an unsurpassed scale and accuracy that you can trust to run your business.

Billions of documents are aggregated

Unparalleled pool of digital content including: Case studies, white papers, press releases, blogs, job postings, anonymized resumes, gov’t documents, company financials and more…

Data curated through HG Integrity Engine

Using our own data science IP, documents undergo deep analysis to cleanse data and extract previously unseen intelligence

Producing strategic customer insights

Delivering precise, actionable, data-driven insights about who is buying what, how much is being spent and when they plan to buy at a detailed customer level

Driving customer growth

Improving planning, prioritization and engagement for technology buyers and sellers

Technographics in action

Whether you’re looking to integrate with Salesforce, Marketo, digital advertising platforms or empower your enterprise analytics teams, HG Insights can deliver insights where they will have the greatest impact on your business.

HG Insights Platform

Deep dive account intelligence

HG for Salesforce

Actionable insights in Salesforce CRM

HG for Marketo

Campaigns powered by technographics

HG Audience

Hyper targeted B2B audience segments

HG for LinkedIn

Target the right audiences for your LinkedIn campaigns

HG Universe

Feed your enterprise analytics teams

Custom Services

Deliver strategic advantage with custom insights

Experience Technographics

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