How We Build It

Wondering where our tech install intelligence comes from? We run billions of documents through our software, from social media and federal filings to content libraries and source code.

While our technology does its job, we’re doing what we’re good at – fine-tuning the process, structuring data, and helping our partners answer their latest biggest questions. We released our first North American datasets in 2012. Since early 2014, we’ve collected raw data
worldwide. We added a translation engine to handle dozens of native language source files, and we’re on
the cusp of structuring and normalizing tech installs in over 150 countries.

  • Raw Materials
  • Document Repository
  • Curation IP
  • Record Creation
  • QA Process

We start by gathering Raw Materials from Offline Resources, the Archived Web and the Active Web.

The raw materials are aggregated into a Document Repository containing billions of Case Studies, Whitepapers, Press Releases, News & Blogs, Job Postings, and Government Docs.

Documents are processed through the HG Platform using Parsing & Cleaning, Machine-Learned Curation, Proprietary Ontologies, Pattern Matching & NLP, Analytics, Entity Resolution, and Mashing & Integration.

Records are created through an Append Process that includes Product Install Confirmation, Naming Normalization, Location Confirmation, and Full Company Firmographics.

Our Market Ready Files include Company, Technology, Location and Dates, verified throuh our QA Process — including Human Resolution of statistically relevant samples, and Independent Phone Surveys for further validation.

Our enterprise and OEM partners use our products to gain a ridiculously unfair advantage.

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