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Close More Deals with High-Value Technographics

The most successful sales teams use reliable tech install information to target the right accounts, qualify leads, find new prospects, assign sales territories and implement Account Based Selling strategies.

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle With Actionable Insights

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HG Data for Salesforce embeds technographics in Salesforce so you can quickly identify and pursue the opportunities that are most interested in your offer, leading to better conversations and faster close rates.

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Get Easy Access to Sales Intelligence

Use our extensive technographic information to easily find all the companies using a competitive or complementary product to yours so that you can target the right prospects with offers that are contextually relevant to where they are in the buying process.

Target the Right Accounts

Enrich your Salesforce CRM with our comprehensive technology install information to find the right accounts to target and discover new opportunities.

Assign Sales Territories by Technology

Tech install information lets you assign sales territories by product or technology category rather than geographical location, allowing your sales reps to become knowledge experts and deliver better service to their customers.

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Qualify Your Leads Strategically

Our data allows you to be more strategic in qualifying your leads. For example, your analytics team can combine your sample of closed deals with our technology install intelligence to generate a lead scoring method that quickly identifies the best accounts to pursue – the ones matching the characteristics of your most successful deals.

Driving Engagement and Sales Conversion

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